Exploring Perl

Last update: 07.06.2024

Perl is a great, usable language, that is worth learning. This website should convince you.

Exploring Perl - Introduction: what you should know before you start.
Exploring Perl - Part 1: about the basics of Perl.
Exploring Perl - Part 2: about hash, reference and more complex data structures.
Exploring Perl - Part 3: about modules or why reinvent the wheel?
Exploring Perl - Part 4: about the perl graphic toolkit Prima.
Exploring Perl - Part 5: about command line (one-liners) for file processing.
Exploring Perl - Part 6: about functions that should be an integral part of your skill set.
Exploring Perl - Part x: about solving special tasks
Exploring Perl - PWC: about my solutions to the Perl Weekly Challenge

Each part will be concluded by challenges that correspond to the level of the texts. More complicated issues can be found in Part x: how-to

Notice that I try not to duplicate the excellent tutorials and books on Perl. I only share my experience...maybe helpful for you but writing on Perl surely helps me :-)

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