1. Why Prima?

Anno 2023, an explanation of Pros and Cons of GUI and CLI tools is not necessary. Much is written about this. At the end you've to say that both tools have their place. In this chapter, I'll have a look at Prima (1), a GUI tool that has many advantages.

Thanks to Dmitry Karasik for Prima and for still maintaining Prima very well!

cpanm Prima
perl -MCPAN -e shell
install Prima

1.1 Why this chapter?

While working with Prima, I had often questions that were sometimes rather difficult to answer. Of course, all answers can be found in the documentation. But let's present the basics of Prima in an uncomplicated way, completely understandable for a newbie (like me). I'll try to give you tools preparing you for your own Perl-Prima journey.

(1) There are more tools: Tk is rather popular. You can easily find documentation, books and tutorials (also on youTube).